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We worked with the promotions and donor development departments at KGCB, Radio Shine.  We were part of a team that lead them to win the prestigious GMA “Station of the Year” award. We developed print media for donors, wrote scripts, jingles, created a website, and designed trade show displays.

We were also responsible for creating press releases and developing a website that included information about staff members, sponsorships and underwriting opportunities for businesses. We connected with businesses for underwriting the station.  They grew into a 100,000 watt reporting station so they were part of establishing who were the #1 artists in the country.

They became one of the top stations in Arizona by increasing their ratings and becoming the #1 local station in the area.  The station worked with me on developing new ideas to attract listeners. We also represented the station at over 100 events including concerts and community events in Arizona.

The station was ultimately bought out by their main competitor, KLOVE.

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Radio Shine