Is your Website Readable?

Nonprofit Website Design: White Space, Yes! …. Small Fonts and Clutter, No!

If you have a website, or are developing one, you want to attract internet traffic. Nonprofit managers want people to not only see their websites, but to engage and interact with it. If you want to grow your donor base, sound principles of website design must be applied. In this blog we will note some of them.

White Space: Yes, Yes, Yes!

Here at Stafford Consulting (and at our sister company, Ablaze Media), we have a writer who was an advertising consultant with a local newspaper for more than 10 years. In his early days, he faced a challenge: Business owners were buying small ads, and the ads were not producing results. Small business owners with a minimal advertising budget tend to want to buy little newspaper ads and jam everything they possibly can into them. They mistakenly believe that is how they get the most from their advertising dollars.

One day at a weekly sales meeting, the advertising director emphasized the importance of employing an abundance of white space in their ads. She showed how a 2 column by 2-inch ad (tiny, by newspaper standards) could stand out from all of the other ads on the page, no matter what size. She showed the sales team a newspaper page, and asked, “What ad stands out?” On the page was a quarter page ad, with other ads of various sizes. The conclusion was unanimous: Everyone’s eye was immediately drawn to the smallest ad on the page: a little 2 column by 2-inch ad with two lines of simple text. It was all about the white space. The ad consultant educated his clients about that, and from that time on it was smooth sailing.

Today, newspapers are fading away, and the lion’s share of marketing is done on the internet. Unlike print advertising, the space of the page can be vast, yet the advertiser is not paying for the space per se. So why not put all of that room to good use? Utilize plenty of white space (or whatever color the background is).

Large Text: Easy on the Eye – Especially if you have Older Donors

Another sound principle in design, now trending but long understood by experts, is the use of simple, easy-to-read text. This means font that is large enough so that the viewer does not need to work to be able to read it. Oh, how many customers are lost in a couple seconds because they are overwhelmed by the small, jumbled text on a page!

Is your Website Readable?

The problem with most “homemade” websites is that they are not easily readable. Readability is the result of font style as well as how the font is arranged on the page. The professionals at Ablaze media are not only knowledgeable about the present trends of internet marketing, but also the age-old basic principles of design which will engage potential customers.

Bottom Line: Avoid Clutter!

Someone once said, “Most people don’t need more space; they just need less stuff.” That about sums up how effective your website can be. Each page of your site should be limited in both length and content. Make life easy for your website traffic, so that your viewers will become your customers. Think lots of white space, large, clear font, and cut down on the clutter!

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