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Wix -vs- Weebly -vs- WordPress: Why We Suggest WordPress to Build Websites for Non-Profits and Churches

What are the Most Popular Options for Building Websites for Nonprofits?

The three major platforms for the design and creation of a website are Wix, Weebly, and WordPress. Each choice possesses some appealing features. However, if you decide to have a professionally constructed site (and you should), WordPress is the hands-down the best option for most nonprofit organization in the long run.

Wix Versus WordPress

In recent years, Wix has skyrocketed in popularity. Many celebrities and high-profile people are hosted on Wix. However, WordPress remains the preferred establishment for about a third of internet promotion for businesses. While both Wix and WordPress are fine platforms, they are quite different in many respects. Here is the most important distinction:

  • Wix is a site builder. That means it is fairly user-friendly, and most technical issues will be resolved for you.  Designing a single page is pretty simple with Wix and some of the built in CRM (customer relationship management) software is pretty powerful.  However, once a website grows, a Wix site is difficult to manage and High Level is a far superior CRM (www.GoHighLevel.com)
  • WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS), which allows the user to add, edit, and remove content from a website without the involve of a webmaster. However, WordPress is more difficult to build at first and it requires more technical knowledge.

So, the bottom line is that you can make changes in your content faster and more efficiently in WordPress, but you need to have a little bit technical know-how or the time to research.  WordPress is fairly intuitive, but the learning curve can be a little steep for first-time users.

Weebly Versus WordPress

Weebly is also somewhat of a rising star, with over 50 million sites. Yet WordPress still dominates the field. Like Wix, Weebly is significantly different than WordPress:

  • Weebly is an all-in-one builder. It has a really intuitive user interface.  It is good for beginners but has some limitations in the way you can design it. For non-coders, it can be an acceptable option.
  • WordPress is a self-hosted open-source platform. That means that you can create a site completely from scratch. Weebly has everything built in for you, making it easy to construct a website. However, you will wind up with more of a “cookie-cutter” type of online promotion.

Again, if a company of experts designs your website, there is no limit to your creativity, flair, and branding. Your effectiveness in online marketing will be outstanding!

Why is WordPress the Best Choice for Nonprofit Organizations?

WordPress provides a the web manager at a nonprofit the power to create the best, unique and custom-designed website for nearly any kind of business.  It offers speed, mobile responsiveness, and built-in SEO abilities.  The adaptability, beauty, and functionality of a Word Press site is currently unmatched on other platforms.

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